Rahul Goel

Five Survive

Posted on: December 05, 2022

I was mistaken. I was wrong when I said that the Throne of Glass books would be the only ones I read in 2022. Since the semester is over, I have a little extra time on my hands. When I heard that Holly Jackson's new book was out, I knew I had to read it. So, just like her last book, "As Good as Dead," I finished "Five Survive" in just a few days after it came out.

Five Survive kept me up at night, just like all the other HoJay books have done. She said it would be much darker than the AGGGTM series, and it was. Six people are stuck in a 31-foot RV for eight hours at night because there is a sniper outside. This was a great setting for the scene. Even though it sounds crazy, it turned out great. It was a good story. At first, the story moved slowly, but by the end, it moved quickly. I love a good mystery, thriller, or crime book, especially if it's for young adults. I didn't know I wanted to read something like this after the disappointing Throne of Glass until I was done with the book. It should keep me from being desperate for a while.

The style of writing fits well with AGGGTM. The way Red's thoughts are written down is a lot like how Pip's are. This made it easier to read in some ways. Red is a lovely character. Her personality is unique like Pip's and her ditzy nature is adorable. I liked every character, well except for Oliver. But the fact that I hate Oliver shows how well HoJay wrote him.

I hope HoJay has plans for a sequel because I want to know how Red responds to Arthur's last letter and what happens to Maddy.