Rahul Goel

Good Girl, Bad Blood

Posted on: May 22, 2021

The first book was so good, I was kind of skeptical about the second book since I did not want to ruin the experience from the first one. I am ashamed that I had such a disgusting thought in my mind. This is the perfect sequel that could be wrtitten to the first book.

So Connor's older brother Jamie goes missing. Well, since he had gone missing before too, I thought Pip taking Connor's requests seriously was a bit too much. I kind of felt that she wanted to live up the reputation that she had created of herself a couple of months back, which by the way is not a bad thing. So anyway, she takes up the case and casts the details on her famous podcast as the second season so that the matter gains more attention. So Holly had said that she had written the first book as a standalone but later decided to pick up some loose ends from the first one and write over them. I thought that Jamie going missing was not the perfect thing to take further and I could not have been anymore wrong.

So our Pip begins (along with Ravi ofcourse) her investigations by interviewing Jamie's close ones and again begins follow the trail of the previously unknown details. Because of the reputation she has gained from her previous solve, she gains some admirers and some haters as well. She dives deeper and deeper into the town's secrets until she finds Jamie's location. And what a turn the story took in the last few chapters. I did not expect such a sudden dark turn. The ending was sad. I hope whatever happened wouldn't have happened. I hope he lived the life he wanted to live.

Throughout the story Pip also realises who she really is. She isn't the good girl she had been portraying for the last 18 years. It felt like she had been living in a shell and finally she broke free.

Anyway, I am gonna have to say that this book took a bit longer to fall into compared to the first part. But it delivered a thrill equivalent to the first one. And it delivered some sadness too at the end (which the first part didn't) which still keeps me thinking. But it's all a part of the story. I can't change that.

Can't wait to read the prequel and the third part.