Rahul Goel

The perks of being a wallflower

Posted on: November 11, 2021

I finished reading the perks of being a wallflower today morning and I just felt that I should write something here. Is it because I've not updated this place in a long time or is it because the way this book has been written, I actually don't know. But I am writing anyway.

The book is written in really simple language and tone which makes it really easy to read. The main character writes letters to an unknown person that is the reader which gives it a personal touch. As I progressed, I became attached to Charlie. He was in many ways just relatable. The events he had in his life were not what I relate to. It was just his personality, the way he talked to people, the way he thought of people and the way he behaved with them. A lot of times, I kind of felt that the author has given my thoughts words.

And it was a sad read - How the passing of his Aunt and his friend Michael affected him mentally, the way he had no friend to talk to at all after Michael's departure, how sometimes he just walked around the town in the shops and stores to look at people and how their life is (I remember doing that a couple of times).

Patrick, Sam, and Charlie together were just amazing. Charlie was happy everytime he was in their presence. I was happy when Charlie was in their presence. And whenever Charlie wasn't with them, it just felt incomplete. Patrick and Sam are the kind of people you could spend your entire life around and still it wouldn't be enough.

Towards the end I felt really bad when all his friends and sister were leaving for their colleges away from town and he was being left behind with none left to talk to. And the reveal with the Aunt was horrifying. But at the end, when Patrick and Charlie and Sam reunited, it was great and I just wished that they lived like that in that moment forever or Charlie and Sam ended up being together forever with Patrick always by their side.