Rahul Goel

Throne Of Glass

Posted on: October 24, 2022

This year, 2022, hasn't been great in terms of reading. I've been busy throughout the year with academics and I believe Throne Of Glass might be the only book series I read in 2022.

The series started out great to my taste. The first two books had me staying up late at night to finish them. The chemistry between Celaena, Dorian, and Chaol was enjoyable to read. I've not read a lot of action scenes but whenever Celaena pulled out her blades, I could not put the book down. Her history as an assassin, then her life in Endovier, and her return as Dorian's champion candidate was an interesting background. The love triangle formed between the three and Chaol being left out in the first book had my heart breaking.

I've got to say, Chaol is my favourite character and I loved the second book since the story was heading towards what I wanted with Celaena and Chaol. Well, at least until Nehemia died. I still had hope but the remaining part of the book didn't improve things and the book ended with Celaena leaving Rifthold for Mistward and Chaol realizing that Celaena is actually Aelin.

After the first two books, I read the prequel "The Assassin's Blade". I liked the five short stories and how they connect to the events happening later on in the series. Sam was a nice and innocent person and the whole situation he ended up in made me sad.

From the third book onwards, the story started going downhill for me. I hated Rowan and still do. I hated Aelin; Celaena was better. I hated the world expanding and the introduction of the Fae and the usage of magic and whatnot. Things were great when it was just humans and when Celaena didn't have any special powers except for her assassin's skills. I hated how Aelin's behaviour towards Chaol changed completely after her return.

I found myself not enjoying any part of the book where Rowan or Aelin were present. The scenes with Chaol, Nesryn, Dorian, Manon, and even sometimes Elide were quite entertaining but the remaining content of the books had too much Aelin-ness to it. I hated how her entire court worshipped her for who she was. They were ready to defend her even on the smallest criticisms by Chaol, Lorcan, or Darrow.

Due to a severe lack of time, it took several months for me to finish this book series. I just wish it were as enjoyable as the first two books.