Rahul Goel

I am a 5-th year Dual Degree (B.Tech + MS) student at IIIT Hyderabad. Currently, I am working in CVIT with Prof. PJ Narayanan on neural radiance fields.

I am interested in accelerating and enhancing existing computer graphics methods by introducing some small form of machine learning components to it. Lately, I've been enjoying dabbling into CUDA and GPU Programming.

Please find my CV as a summary of my Computer Science related work.

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GSN: Generalisable Segmentation in Neural Radiance Fields
AAAI 2024
FusedRF: Fusing Multiple Radiance Fields
CVPR Workshop (XR-NeRF) 2023
Interactive Segmentation of Radiance Fields
CVPR 2023
StyleTRF: Stylizing Tensorial Radiance Fields